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Here at Peace Hill Farm, rare Leicester Longwool sheep graze on one side of the farm, while Angora goats munch away on the other. Together, their wool makes up our custom blend.

Leicester Longwool sheep, raised by George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and other colonial Virginia farmers, are now critically rare. Peace Hill is helping preserve this wonderful fleece breed. Leicester Longwool fleeces are lustrous and long-stapled, with natural crimp and the ability to take dye well while keeping natural shine.

Angora goats are wool goats–meaning that they grow long woolly fleeces, like sheep. Angora wool is known more commonly as mohair. Mohair is soft, silky, and cloudlike.

Because mohair and Leicester Longwool have similiar lustre and texture, the blend of the two is unmatched for softness, shine, and durability. The mohair lends the longwool a little extra silkiness, while the longwool gives the mohair warmth and heft.

Peace Hill is the family farm of the Wise-Bauer clan, owners of Peace Hill Press and the Bed & Breakfast at Peace Hill. Come stay and meet the sheep face to face!

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