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   June 2020

      Safe Re-Opening Special!

Come stay  at our Bed & Breakfast between June  10 and June 30, and  pay only $209  per night for...the entire house! Host up to six people from your family  group. We'll give you free run of the kitchen to fix your own meals and you'll  have  the house safely  to  yourself! Wander through  the 100 acre farm, visit the lambs and goats, sit by the  pond, and enjoy being  out of your  house. (No daily  room refreshing or prepared meals, but we'll make sure you have  everything you need.) Rooms thoroughly cleaned  and sanitized between guests, with a three-day gap  between  each booking. Call us now at (757) 771-1274 to book!  (Generous cancellation policy if the  situation changes.)

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