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Welcoming You Safely in 2021

Here at Peace Hill, we're fortunate to be in the country, where social distancing is simpler. But we're also committed to following best practices in our Bed & Breakfast, in our Afternoon Tea, picnic, and meal services, and in our farm tours. If you have any questions or concerns, please call us or email


To minimize staff contact with guests, we will not refresh rooms on a  daily basis, but fresh towels and supplies will ALWAYS be available upon request. Breakfasts will be served family style and parties will be served in separate rooms.

Bedrooms are completely sanitized between guests.

Staff and management use PPE when interacting with guests, and guests will be required to use masks when in contact with staff, or when in contact with afternoon tea or farm guests in the public spaces of the B&B.

All other amenities of the B&B are on full offer!


Meals can be taken outside or inside the B&B, with only one party seated per room. Staff and management will use PPE, and guests will be required to use masks when in contact with staff, when using indoor restrooms, or when indoors and in contact with other customers who are not in their party. Disinfectant spray, soap, and paper towels are provided in the restrooms, and hand sanitizer is available throughout the B&B.
Outside is the safest place to be! Please feel free to walk around the farm, or to ask for a guided tour. If you'd like a guided farm tour, please bring a mask so that you have the option of helping to feed the animals along with one of our livestock experts (who will also be wearing a mask).
As of March 2021, all farm staff have been vaccinated but will continue to wear masks.
We're looking forward to seeing you...because we've missed our guests!
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