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Shearing day!

Next Shearing Day

Monday, March 8, 2021

10:30 to 1 PM

Free to watch!


Due to the pandemic, we will not be able to welcome visitors to the farm for our Spring  2021 shearing. However, we will be hosting a live online viewing party! Follow for the link.

We hope for better things soon--but at least we can open this wonderful event up to viewers all across the nation!

Join us as Emily Chamelin Hickman, our amazing professional shearer, takes the wool off our Leicester Longwools (averaging six minutes flat!). Visit with the horses, admire the sheep and goats, enjoy the spring weather, and take home a lock or two of wool for yourself.


We’re all accustomed to buying our sweaters, blankets, and rugs at a box store, or online—without ever thinking about where those fibers come from. Deepen your understanding of the real infrastructure undergirding that wool sweater or afghan, and get a clearer view of what small family farms have to offer.

You can follow Emily on Instagram (@gypsyshearer) and Facebook (@emily.chamelin).

Emily Chamelin

master shearer

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